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High quality Houndagrip 5m long line, as used in class. 

This is the perfect long line to socialise your new puppy or dog without them feeling restricted and giving them space to act naturally and make choices. 

Perfect for using in woodland or busy spaces without getting caught up or tangled on things as easily. 

  • Ultra Grip Material - Lightweight webbing with rubberised grip. Doesn't hold water or get heavy unlike other webbing and rubber grip ensures it won't slip through your fingers no matter the conditions.

  • Matt Black Heavy Duty Clip - Mechanically tested to hold the weight of any dog, even when pulling. 

  • Triple Stitched for Strength and Safety - This provides the most robust product that can withstand you and your dog's active lifestyle.

  • Style - Choice of seven colours so you can match your dog's other accessories. 

Available in Help with Hounds classes and 1:1 sessions