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KAD - Kids Around Dogs is an association of Dog Trainers and/or Behaviourists who specialise in helping families with children to train their dogs and live in harmony together.

As an accredited KAD trainer, I can also use a specifically designed and successful protocol to help your child overcome the fear of dogs, whether you have a dog in the family or not.

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"My four year old daughter had a fear of dogs and it was affecting her everyday life, after one incident where she went to run into oncoming traffic in the road to avoid a dog we knew we had to do something. I was recommended Matt from a facebook community page and signed her up for the KAD course, and the change in her over the seven weeks has been amazing. She will now calmly pass dogs in the street and has even petted a few which is a massive step for her, there is still some work to do but thanks to Matt the fear no longer rules her life. I'd highly recommend Matt and the KAD course to anyone in a similar situation, not only is Matt friendly he is very helpful and informative as I ended up learning a few things too!"

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