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Recommended Products
All used by me personally and in my training. 
Please note that the links below will provide you with amazing discounts!

Leads and Long Lines

As used in class and what I use with my dog

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I use a 5m lead almost every day

K9 Conne.JPG

K9 Connectables

High quality mental enrichment and chewers

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Really versatile mental enrichment


Food - Butternut Box

High quality fresh food. My dogs favourite!

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Maybe cube and try as a high value reward too...


Toys - Tug-e-Nuff

Amazing tug toys. Great as a recall reward!

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My dog loves the rabbit chaser

Dog in a Box

Rovers Kit

All your dogs needs

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Use the code helpwithhounds for 10% off!

Treats - Bounce and Bella

Used by me at home and in my training

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Only one or two ingredients. 

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