Please ensure your dog

Has a correctly fitted muzzle if necessary.

Leads and collar are safe and suitable for the weight and size of the dog.

No extendable or slip leads please.

Is fully vaccinated.

My Promise to You

I will use only force free methods to modify your dog's behaviour.

I will not judge you.

I will not abandon you after your consultation! Follow-up support is an essential  service I can provide.

I will consider the health and safety of you, your dog(s), myself, and others when working with you.

I will safeguard your data and all records relating to our consultations.

I will be open and honest with you and do my very best to help you and your dog. If I feel at any

point that I am unable to help you, I shall refer you to a professional who can.

I will undertake continual professional development to ensure my knowledge and skills remain


What your dog can expect from me

To consider and respect specific breed or natural behaviour and individual personality.

To recognise any stress during consultation, or activities/tasks and alleviate this as quickly as


To have an awareness of environment and work within an area that feels safe.

To respect and consider age, health and fitness capabilities.

To modify and adapt depending on responses.

What I expect from you

Patience - your dog needs a calm, tolerant owner.

Persistence – it can take some time for your dog to learn new skills or start to modify his behaviour.

Everyone in the dog’s life must be consistent and dedicated.

Commitment – continued support, encouragement, love and understanding.

You the customer will inform Help with Hounds fully of any characteristics of the dog(s), which needs

to be known for handling and care of the dog(s).

Training notes, emails and plans are not to be shared outside of your household


Help with Hounds charges are payable within 7 days of the invoice date, unless otherwise stated, by bank transfer.

Charges are non-refundable.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Payment is required to confirm your booking.

You the customer can cancel a 1:1 session or a place in a class up to 7 working days prior the agreed original appointment or first class free of charge.

Cancellations within 7 days of the appointment or first class will be charged at 50%.

Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the appointment or first class are charged at full rate and no refunds are given

Help with Hounds has the legal right to reclaim monies owed from a legal and binding agreement which you the customer have entered and confirmed by email, text or social media.

If this is the case, you will receive confirmation from Help with Hounds requesting the full payment of monies owed.

If Help with Hounds cancels a 1:1 session, this will either be re-arranged or refunded as agreed with the client. If a class is cancelled, it will either be postponed one week, or refunded.


You the customer will have 7 days to make the payment from invoice date, unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Non-payment will result in your session being cancelled

Charges are non-refundable.


Classes run all year round and will only be cancelled in extreme weather conditions. If appropriate the class may be completed by Zoom.

Bitches that are is season will not be allowed to attend classes, as this is far too distracting for any male dogs.

Promotions and discount flyers are subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 1 voucher per household.

Pictures and videos may be taken during consultations and classes and used by Help with Hounds on social media and the Help with Hounds website

By booking with Help with Hounds you are deemed to read the Terms and Conditions and fully understand and accept them.

Help with Hounds is fully insured,  holding Public Liability  and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Help with Hounds have the right to amend Terms and Conditions and pricing without prior notice.